Sónia Cardoso

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Doctoral Degree
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Doutoramento em Ciências Sociais
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Universidade de Aveiro
Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (A3ES) e Centro de Investigação de Políticas de Ensino Superior (CIPES)
Research interests: 
Higher education policies; Quality assurance in higher education; Students and professionals of higher education institutions, especially their relation with quality assurance; Doctoral education; Higher education internationalisation; Higher education network setting up and organisation; Graduates’ competences and employability
Biographical note: 
Sónia Cardoso is a researcher at A3ES and CIPES. She completed her PhD in Social Sciences under the topic of quality assurance in higher education. Her main research interests are higher education policies, quality assurance, institutions and institutional actors’ relation with quality assurance, doctoral education, higher education internationalisation, higher education network setting up and organisation and graduates’ competences and employability. She has been integrating several research projects and studies, both national and international, and she is the author and co-author of several publications (articles, book chapters, other), under these topics. She is also a reviewer of several Higher Education journals. She is a member of CHER and EAIR.
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Social aspects
Education, Training
Employment issues
Scientific Research
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Thursday, 25 October, 2018
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Tuesday, 19 June, 2018

CIPES received FCT funding for the next three years to carry out the Know-Best project: Partnerships in Knowledge production: Beliefs, Strategies and Tensions.

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Saturday, 07 April, 2018

Call for Proposals
Eair 40th Annual Forum Budapest 2018
26-29 August 2018
Competition, Cooperation and Complementarity in Higher Education

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Saturday, 07 April, 2018

Call for Proposals
CHER 31st Annual Conference
Differentiation and Integration in Higher Education: Patterns and Dynamics
National Research University Higher School of Economics